Inheriting property

Foreign investors may have concerns regarding passing on the property after death and what are the rules and regulations in this matter.

It is the right of every person in Turkey to write a will explicating to whom the property is to be passed on. There are special courts for this reason.

Dealing with inheritance is regulated by the Turkish civil code. First, the testator should retain full mental health and above the age of 15 . Second, the will should be handwritten or notarized with the presence of two witnesses. Third, the will should be detailed dated by day, month and year. Fourth, the will should be hand signed by the testator. Fifth, the testator should present the signed will to court or to a notary with the presence of two witnesses. The time required to process wills is according to the degree of complexity.  The Magistrate court handles these wills.

Pretermitted heir:

The owner of a property could under special circumstances exclude one of the heirs if the testator explains his decision to court. On the other side, no pretermitted heir can sue the owner of the property.

By the previous explanation, your property’s future can be set to rest  

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