Can a Syrian get Turkish citizenship for $ 250,000?

The official Turkish newspapers published on 19/9/2018 new details related to the law of nationality, where the new law allows the foreigner to obtain Turkish nationality in case of buying property worth 250 thousand dollars or the equivalent in other currencies.

On December 7, 2018, a new amendment was passed to the law allowing foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship in return for buying property under construction for the equivalent of $ 250,000, provided that the contracts are confirmed and authenticated according to certain criteria followed by the notary public. The Syrian citizen is able to buy property under construction and install contracts at Notar Notary but he faces the problem when transferring the taboo. This law may be a new way and the new facilitation for the Syrians to obtain Turkish nationality.

It should also be mentioned that a foreigner who buys real estate in order to obtain citizenship must undertake not to sell or transfer ownership for three years and must pay the full amount in cash.

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