Have the privilege and assurance of property residency permit in Turkey

Many tend to invest in real estate in turkey for the privilege of obtaining a residency permit which is a two-year permit but some requirements should be met :

1-a title deed (TAPU)

2-the Title deed should remain under your name until the next renewal

3-The value of the property should commensurate with the number of people assigned in the title deed (TAPU)

Property residence permit is equivalent to a tourist residence permit in respect of fees, health insurance, and application process but differs in three main points: privilege and long-term renewal. Property residence permit has more privilege as the holder owns the property and not a tourist, therefore, residency term cannot be reduced while the term of a tourist residence permit can be reduced. Property residence permit is able to be renewed for two years, while tourist residency permit is renewed for 9 months or one year.

It is rumored that a property residency permit holder can apply for a Turkish citizenship and that is false, but could be true under one condition, when the value of the owned property is more than one million dollars nothing less!  

The number of people that could be assigned on the title deed (TAPU) should commensurate with the value of the property. Property valued at 50,000 dollars could have two to three names on its title deed, while a one million dollars property could have ten to fifteen names on its title deed each with his proportion of the property but only one name could apply for a property residency permit.

In short, property residency permit is a great privilege in case you invest in real estate or plan to reside in Turkey. Don’t let it pass by!

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