How to get Turkish citizenship 2018-2019

How to get Turkish citizenship according to the new law from the Turkish government which has recently approved and in this article we will mention the whole process .

The granting for Turkish nationality has become a very easy task, which is considered to be difficult in most countries of the world. the Turkish government opened the granting of Turkish nationality through the purchasing of real estate and through certain purchase requirements and the obligate not to sell for 3 years with the possibility of renting or housing or even investment in it.

Purchasing process and ( Tapu )

  1. Property valuation should be at least US $ 250,000 (you can read the article on the most appropriate investment).
  2. The assessment must be from a company with a certificate of SPK and that the evaluator should give the property a value higher than 250000$ for real estate and register the property with the same value as the resident and transfer the taboo to the person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  3. An assessment should be made by the municipality of the value of the property in the area.
  4. Earthquake Insurance (Dask).
  5. Copy of the seller’s passport and a personal photograph of the seller.
  6. If the person concerned to obtain the nationality is to come personally, he must bring two copies of the passport (translated translator) and two witnesses – in the event that the buyer has given an agency to someone through the consulate and through the ( NOTER ), the agent can complete the proceedings and This case only needs a certified translation (two copies) without two witnesses.
  7. A copy of the bank transfer received from the buyer must be provided to the seller and must be presented in the taboo department.
  8. The contract for the transfer of the stamp shall ensure that the property will not be sold for 3 years.
  9. The buyer’s email must be stated in the purchase contract and the transfer of the stamp and then after the submission of the papers will be sent to the buyer’s email.

The stage of applying for residence before obtaining Turkish citizenship:

It takes 7-15 days

  1. The residence is submitted and the reason for the residence is stated as returning to Law No. 6458 (Article 31 j.dendi kapsaminda).
  2. A paper from the Presidency of the Republic or from the Ministry to which the investment returns indicates its suitability for the new law.
  3. The original passport and a copy of it are prepared.
  4. 4 personal photos taken in the last 6 months.
  5. Effective health insurance must have an effective date as effectively assigned and sealed residence application.

apply  to Turkish Nationality:

  1. Filling the application for Turkish citizenship.
  2. A copy of the passport stating its nationality (preferably translated) If it is not affiliated with any country, the proof of proof must be evaluated by an interpreter of Turkey and certified by the notary public.
  3. Consent letter taken from Nature or from the regional registrar if the person concerned is outside the country and must be provided by the Commissioner in the country concerned to the children who are also provided.
  4. Clarify and certify the status of marriage whether single, married, divorced or widowed.
  5. A birth certificate showing personal information, a certificate of registration documenting the relationship between the addressee and the attachés in the filing file (family bond).
  6. If he does not have a birth certificate for the day and month, he must bring a document from his country. If he can not obtain the document, he can obtain a document that accepts the transfer to Turkey.
  7. The arrest of the accountant in charge of the officers arrived.
  8. Two biometric images (50 x 60 mm, white background).


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