Lost in Transportation - Istanbul City

Lost in Transportation – Istanbul City


Have you lost valuable things or forgotten the mobile or bag in the metro or even the minibus? Do not worry. In this article, you will learn how to recover the missing items in the transportation to the city of Istanbul


The Directorate General of Transport and Communications in Istanbul recently launched a website on which the person can enter the lost item data in which the will items will be kept for 30 days.


المفقودات في المواصلات

When completing the form at the above section (site), the information will be evaluated and matched with the missing items in the warehouse and then contact the person filling out the form via the mobile phone to inform him if the lost purpose is found or not.


Where is the warehouse, where the missing items are collected in the transportation to the city of Istanbul?
In the event of a loss of purpose in the transport, the lost purpose will be transferred to the main warehouse located in the Karakoy region located in the European side and taking into account bringing the documents  confirming the ownership of the person and if the lost objects cannot be proved by documents , Enough to prove ownership by another ways .




What happens to lost objects after one year and no one appears to receive them?

3 month after the arrival of the missing items in the transportation, and not reported or claimed, they are transferred to the auction and sold there, and the proceeds are donated to the NGOs and the government’s organization.

المفقودات في المواصلات

What happens to ID and passports if lost?
The residences, passports and other documents are treated in a special way. They are not transferred to the main warehouse located in Karakoy but they  transferred to the police station, which they hand them over to the department referred to, who will communicate with the person directly to hand over the residence or passport.

If you have further inquiries you can contact 153 To answer all questions and queries about the lost objects and how to retrieve them.




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