Your property in turkey: profitable investment and secure future.

Your property in turkey: profitable investment and secure future.

Turkey remains an attraction for foreign investors especially Arab investors as they share the same tradition and religion. Investing your money could be a stressful task but investing in property could turn out very profitable and save your money. The Turkish government has made it easy for foreigners to own and invest in property in Turkey and there is no limit for the number of property owned by Arab foreigners including apartments, commercial property, and land. But some restrictions are applied for citizens of Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon. Syrians are not allowed to own property in turkey but Syrians can obtain a commercial register and purchase property under the commercial name.

Foreigners can buy property by financing it through Islamic banks. The buyer must assure 50% of the value of the property and then apply for a financing plan to any Islamic bank. The bank looks into the application and offers a financing plan.

If you can’t be in person, you can grant power of attorney to a solicitor to conclude the deal on your behalf. You can point a solicitor at the Turkish embassy in your country.

Most construction companies offer the chance to pay by installments. The buyer pays 20% to 48% of the price of the property and pays the rest as installments in a duration of 24 to 48 months according to the deal.

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